Dutch artist and ceramicist Jacqueline Harberink is known for her minimalist porcelain design, where simple and sober meet elegance. Inspired by organic forms and geometric patterns found in nature, Jacqueline’s creations are made to be beautiful and to be used. Her widely appreciated porcelain is unique: each piece has its own distinctive soul and its own proportions.

Jacqueline has developed her enthusiasm and passion for ceramics and in particular for porcelain, during her study at the Escuela de Ceramica di Moncloa in Madrid (Spain). She brought her techniques to completion by attending specialized ceramic and porcelain workshops in Holland and Italy.



“In nature everything has a purpose. Even if it is fragile and fine. One cannot exist without the other. I find that fascinating and extremely inspiring. Beautiful but useful. I aspire to this essence in all my design,” Jacqueline Harberink.